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About Us

About Us

        Tiryakiart Art Gallery, throughout the art life, to have knowledge and experiences, weare getting excited about sharing it with art lover.In Tiryakiart Art Gallery, Müzehhibe-Hattat, pieces were arranged by Ayten Tiryaki, inparticular time given education of Hat and Tezhib.At the same time our infrastructure classical art produced in different countries could create handmade paper, art supplies, import export, manufacturing, and wholesale and retail sales are made By Tiryaki, it is made in different kinds and sizes, paper size, murakka, splicing writing did by suit on classical method with meticulously. In time, in this field, technical informations and documents will be sharing with you, coming documents and informations from you will be utilised .Since the first time, given importance and to make it best, never give up about considering of wishes of customers and ideas helped to attain to quality and to be known in a short time and never give up from these principles. There were many unchanged principles such as always quality, service, delivery in time and suitable price in Tiryakiart Gallery. As Tiryakiart Gallery, in success of production and continuity of assurance, to be honest for service and quality which works, we thanks for your pay to close attention and supporting.


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